Allen Copeland :: Southern Wildlife Artist, Welcome


Allen Copeland captures the natural world while reflecting his own love and respect for the land and creatures around him. Born and raised in southwest, Georgia. Allen was privileged to spend most of his free time roaming the woods and fields of his family farm. Allen's love for Bird Dogs and wildlife was imbedded early by his father who was an avid outdoorsman, and his artistic ability was quick to surface when he would draw pictures of the animals his father brought home from hunting excursions. Recognizing his interest and talent, his parents began encouraging and supporting his ability in grade school.

Although he has had no formal training, Allen has sought opportunities to advance and polish his natural ability, participating in study workshops under renowned artist John Seery-Lester, Alan Hunt and Paco Young.

With his primary employment presently outside the art field, Allen looks forward to increasing his recognition as a wildlife artist and pursuing his love for painting full-time.